Sandra Williamson was a 25-year-old woman working for the American Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey and she was leaving the country for a few weeks vacation back in her hometown in the U.S.A. Sandra was a beautiful, brunette with a fabulous body; the kind of woman that turned men's heads when she entered a room or if she was spotted walking down the street. She had the full, high, firm breasts of a PLAYBOY centerfold, the face of a fashion model and the legs of a woman, a man dreams of, when he thinks of a dream girl.

Sandra had planned to travel with another government employee home, but Jack Potters had taken ill and had cancelled his trip. Standing in the Istanbul Air Terminal, Sandra thought about getting on the airplane and just relaxing, forgetting the days here in Turkey.

The job was not that bad, helping American families abroad and serving as personal secretary to the boss; the Ambassador, but she just wanted to get back home and see old friends, after a year here. Sandra noticed several airport police looking at her and talking, like they were talking about her. In the large marbled room of the Airport, there were many people moving around, several families seated waiting for their flights, but it seemed to Sandra that she was the only single American woman.

Her hair was shoulder length and framed a sexy face; green eyes, long eyelashes, full red lips and a strong chin. She wore a short blue dress that was a bit tight around her ass and a white silk blouse that clung to her 36D cup size breasts.

Sandra remembered being told to not wear any "provocative clothing" out in public. Anything she wore could be said to be provocative, as most Turkish women covered their bodies with the dark shawl-like togas when seen outside, and nothing could be seen. Perhaps that is what the Police were discussing.

Then two of them came over to Sandra and standing close to her, a tall dark man with mustache spoke: "Ahh, Miss, you will plez come with us to the Customs Office now?" Sandra was caught by the shoulders by each of the officers and moved toward the office in the far hallway before she could finish her startled exclamation : " What? what do I need to go there?

I work for the U.S. Embassy here in...." The two tall officers pulled Sandra along with them at a fast pace, almost lifting her off her black high heeled shoes. Then she was led into the room where another brown uniformed officer sat behind a large wood desk in the center of the Customs Office. He had black, greasy hair, combed tightly over the bald spot on the back of his head. A pencil thin mustache, large nose and smiling lips greeted her as she was placed in front of his desk.

The Captain was smoking a cigarette and puffed once as he let his eyes travel over Sandra's form before he spoke: "Miss Williamson; you are planning to leave us today? Did you think you could leave with the forbidden items in your luggage and we would not know of it?" One of the police brought a blue leather one-suiter from the floor and opened it. Inside were 15 small packages wrapped in plastic material.

"We tested this and it is Cocaine.... my dear American lady Fool! All very illegal.... very foolish of you.... you will surely be sent to Prison till you are a very old woman!" the Captain said, blowing smoke into Sandra's very startled and horrified face.

"This is a mistake! SOMETHING is HORRIBLY WRONG!" Sandra screamed at the Turkish Customs officers that stood all around her now. Several more men had entered the room since she had been brought inside and now one of them had locked the door.

Sandra heard the click and saw the key in his brown hand and the white teeth as he smiled back at her. Captain Yoceif Gerragiano gazed at the young woman standing across the desk from him; the eyes wide, her mouth open with surprise and fear. Her dark hair had fallen over her face somewhat and she seemed to have a few drops of sweat popping out on her forehead. He admired Sandra's full, rounded bosom that seemed so firm and high beneath her thin white blouse.

He wondered if her nipples were pink or brown. These American women; showing their bodies ,their big breasts in public. His eyes traveled over the small waist, the flat stomach, the hips and the long legs; encased in nylon.

"American whore woman!" the Captain shouted at Sandra, "YOU COME TO OUR COUNTRY AND BECAUSE YOU WORK FOR YOUR USA EMBASSY, YOU THINK YOU CAN DO ANYTHING? SMUGGLE DRUGS BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY? Well, Dear whore madam, you will not succeed! WE will now ask you to remove ALL of your clothing, so we can be sure you are not transporting any more illegal drugs," the officer said smiling as he seated himself.

A customs agent had positioned himself on either side of Sandra and each had a hold on her upper arms. "TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF ME! I DEMAND YOU RELEASE ME NOW AND LET ME CALL THE AMERICAN EMBASSY!" Sandra said with a tremble in her voice.

"Remove the clothing NOW.... or we will be forced to do it for you!" the Captain said in a deep voice.

"I WILL NOT DISROBE! AND I DEMAND A WOMAN TO BE DOING ANY.... ANY STRIP SEARCHING," Sandra said, her voice cracking and her eyes filling with tears.

Suddenly, Sandra was pushed forward so that her hips were pushed against the edge of the desk, she was bent forward, her hands forced down to the desk top by the two men beside her. "Ohhhhh! STOP IT! NooooAAaaaaahhhheeee!" Sandra screamed, trying to break free, but she remained bent over.

She felt her blouse buttons hitting around her as the cloth was ripped open. Captain Gerragiano was behind Sandra now and unhooked the wide elastic band of Sandra's brassiere. As Sandra cried out and struggled with the two officers, the Captain pushed the bra cups forward and ran his fingertips under the edges of her garment and searched for any small packets of cocaine. His fingers touched Sandra's twin swelling mounds of flesh and then cupped each of her full breasts in his hands, feeling her erecting nipples growing in his palms.

As he pulled her back to him, Sandra with growing horror, felt his chest against her bare back and the stiff mound of his penis as it pressed against her buttocks.

The Captain was squeezing each of Sandra's breasts, pinching her nipples and whispering into her ear some Turkish demands or perhaps he was offering her dinner and a movie? She was being held by the two men or either side of her still, and now they helped the Captain to remove her torn blouse and white lacy bra. They held her as others lowered her skirt and then slipped it off.

Sandra's screaming was muffled when they quickly slipped off her white bikini panties and stuffed them into her mouth. One of her dark nylon stockings was removed and tied around her mouth. The room full of Airport Police and Customs Agents had formed a circle around Sandra and the three men that were busy undressing Sandra. As each article of clothing was stripped off, they made a half hearted attempt to find any drugs, but their real quest was to fondle and massage the American woman's body. Sandra was held by four of the brown uniformed men as the Captain ran his fingers over her nude body; searching beneath her round breasts and between her thighs.

He parted her pussy lips and thrust his fingers deep inside her as Sandra moaned and writhed in the grips of four brown shirted men. They turned Sandra face down on the desk and as the others pressed closer, examined her ass cheeks and proceeded to give her a rectal exam. Sandra had closed her eyes tightly, ever since the ordeal had begun and was trying to shut everything out of her mind.

As Captain Gerragiano pressed Sandra's flesh and continued to pinch her nipples with his fingertips, he wished that he were alone with the large breasted American and he were naked as she and he had his eight inch long cock thrust up to his balls into the tight woman's cunt ! He could imagine her on his bed, her dark hair spread out on his pillow his arms around her, her long legs wrapped around him, squeezing him each time he drove deep into her, and as he thrust his tongue deeper into her mouth.

After two hours of searching the woman, and where no other drugs were discovered but each of the Officers had their fill of squeezing the big breasts, holding her tightly, Sandra was allowed to rest. Her gag was removed, and she was moved into a small cell next to the Captain's office, but she was not allowed to put her dress back on. The Captain continued to threaten her with life in a Turkish jail if she did not tell him all she knew about the 15 packets that had been "found" in her luggage.

Sandra continued to protest her innocence of any drug smuggling, but they would not let her alone. She kept asking for a single phone call to her supervisor, but they would not let her. At 9 PM they brought her a TV dinner and some water. Sandra, still nude, except for one thigh high stocking on her left leg, ate some of it, but began crying and could not finish it.

In the concrete cell with the steel bars for a door, and shivering from the Turkish night and feeling so bad, she lay back on her thin mattress and began to sob, her shoulders shaking as the tears flowed. Minutes passed and then from the dark, came the deep voice of the Captain: "It does appear that you are in deep trouble, but there is a way out of this for you, a way to escape the prison."

Sandra lifted her head and could see the Officer standing outside the cell, cigarette smoke drifting up, the red glow of the tobacco as he puffed it. "H...how.... what do I.... what must I do? Sandra asked in a small little-girl voice.

"There are ways to erase your crimes, my dear," the Captain went on. "One way I am thinking of presently.... is to be my lady.... come and you would work for me!" he spoke slowly. "You would be my personal sex slave!"

Later that night, Sandra lay in her bed; a wire mesh affair with a thin mattress. She had a small dingy white sheet pulled across her nude body and she was trying to erase her memory of the terrible scene of the events of the day, but she continued to see herself like some B- movie: being strip searched and held by all those men while they put their hands all over her body, putting their hands in her most private places!

Now the door to her cell opened and a shaft of light fell onto her and she saw the black shape of a man: The Captain as he slipped into the cell. Before she could shout or protest, her mouth was covered with a pad of cloth, muffling her surprised cry. Sandra could feel the bare, hot body pressing down on her, pressing her hard nippled breasts against his hard, hairy chest.

He took her wrists and tied them together above her head, then to the bed frame with a short piece of rope. Now the sheet was removed and Sandra felt the engorged thickness of his cock as it was slipped into her. Tears formed in her eyes as the enormous shaft filled her vulva, stretching her till she screamed out, till the gag was stuffed into her mouth and tied with her other nylon stocking.

Now, all was silent except for the moans and grunts and the creaking of the bed as the Captain drove into her, thrusting in and pulling out; speeding up the motions as time went by till he erupted in a spasm of thrusting and groaning.

As he rested and regained his strength and prepared to begin sucking on her lovely American breasts and her hard, pink tips , he whispered into her ear. Sandra had turned her head to the mattress, trying to get away from his mouth; but she could smell and taste the tobacco and strong Turkish coffee on his tongue when he pushed it into her mouth and when he kissed her roughly.

"My dear.... Sandra Williamson.... tomorrow you will be transported to my summer place in the country. You will join my group of women I have collected, my harem, and you will learn to serve my every sexual desire. You will be expected to be submissive to me and obey my every command. You will be whipped and tortured if you disobey me. Do you understand? You will learn to love me and want to please me in every way!" he breathed into her ear.

Sandra remained silent, her crying was unheard, only her shoulders shook and the hot tears soaked into the mattress.

The End


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