It was really sweet of Ronald to drive me to the University. He is my Mom's first boyfriend since the divorce, and on the drive down he told me a funny coincidence - that he used to go out with a girl who went to my school. I asked if that was back when he was younger, but he said "It was about a year ago; she was just about your age."

I blurted "You mean you were dating someone who was only 19?" And then he laughed and asked if that was OK with me and then it made me feel so conventional that I laughed too.

I thought Ronald would probably head back after he helped carry my stuff up to my room, but he sat down on the bed and took his jacket off, and started chatting. And then he told me if I needed someone to talk to, he was there for me.

Then for some reason, I blurted out that sometimes I missed my Dad really bad, and Ronald said he'd love to see a picture of him. I sat down by him and showed him my album, and then I cried a little bit, and then he put his arms around me and hugged me and whispered that he knew how hard my life had been lately, and that he wanted to make it all better, and then he kissed me on my cheek. Then he gave me another hug and kissed me for a long time.

I knew it was only his way of trying to comfort me, but at the same time I had a funny feeling - like maybe his concern for me was leading us into a dangerous area. But when I asked him if maybe we were doing something ill- advised, he said how about if I let him worry about that, and started squeezing and kissing me some more.

I could feel his hand reaching under my skirt and caressing me through my panties. And then I could feel him pushing my panties aside so he could touch me right on my pussy, and he said, "I was just trying to remember that you might be my step daughter some day, but it's just not working." And then he started slipping my clothes off and softly kissing me all over while I felt myself surrendering to him.

Ronald got on top of me, and I heard the sound of his zipper and felt his hard penis trying to push its way inside me, and when I let out a cry of pain he stopped and said, "Wait, are you a virgin?" I felt so embarrassed, but he seemed totally accepting of it. He told me to go get some hand cream, so I got up off the bed and totally naked I walked into the bathroom to get some gel.

When I returned he took it from me and began to spread it on my pussy, pushing his finger in and out while he stared into my eyes. Then he put more lotion on his penis and began to painfully shove himself inside me.

He kept telling me how tight my virgin pussy felt, and how much he was going to love having his penis in it. He kept looking into my eyes and kept talking about my "virgin pussy" over and over while he thrust himself into me, and in a weird way it was as if he was somehow punishing me but at the same time trying to comfort me.

Every so often, Ronald would stop for a moment, and then start back up thrusting himself into me, stopping and starting, over and over, kissing me and stroking my breasts, thrusting himself harder. And it is kind of hard to explain, but then in a way, that felt kind of inevitable I could feel him spasming inside me and suddenly I felt like I was wetting myself, and a couple of minutes later he got off me and said that I definitely was not a virgin anymore.

Afterwards, Ronald said he loved me in a very special way, but that we had better not tell my mom, because she might not understand, with the generation gap and all, and I felt so relieved that he felt that way about it, too.

Ronald promised to visit me every month to make sure I was adjusting well to living in a Dorm and not to hesitate calling him if I need anything.

I thanked him and waved as he drove off and I ran back up the stairs to my room to start unpacking.


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