Stories by Anonymous

The Tempted Tourist by Anonymous

An American teenage girl experiences Europe, the hard way.

Watching Janet by Anonymous

Stepsister fucks her boyfriend in front of her stepbrother, only to go much further before all is done.

Sex I'll Never Forget by Anonymous

A man gets to fuck a 16 year old virgin African princess but doesn't realize the consequences. [Mf] [Castration]

My Mission by Anonymous

This was the mission: Anatole was going to make love the ugliest woman in the world. And Ted, Marsha, Douglas, Jubie, and Red -- the whole crew -- were going to come along and film it.

Condo Hero by Anonymous

This vacation was different, my cousin and I were on our own at the family condo in Mexico for the first time. [Cousins] [Affair]

Busting Brother's Balls by Anonymous

A brother, who is very close to his sister, is always joking about having his balls busted. Finally, when his sister's best friend's marriage breaks up, he finds someone who really needs to bust his balls. [FFM]

Beth Anderson's Social Conscience by Anonymous

Beth is a socially conscientious state worker who looks after the helpless in society. Her job takes her all over the city and her work had always been very satisfying. Then one day she was assigned a possible sexual abuse case and everything in her life changed.

Adventures of a Cum Drinker by Anonymous

A conversation between two bored housewives turns to past sexual exploits that turn into an interesting adventure. [WifeCheating]

Meeting My Cousins After Ten Years by Anonymous

My two beautiful teenage cousins come to visit me in California. I remember them as awkward little kids, but they've turned into sexy teenage girls.

Cheerleader Summer by Anonymous

Tim becomes obsessed with his buddy's older sister to the extent that they both blackmail her into doing things that are down right nasty. [mf-teens/F]

Anatomy Lesson by Anonymous

teach anatomy to medical students and nurses. Although I have never tried to seduce a student, I often have fantasized about making love to one or more of my students. The following is a story based on that fantasy. [MFF]

Furniture Store Affair by Anonymous

A man sitting in a bar meets a pretty woman and gets a big surprise. [Affair]

The Renter by Anonymous

A guy places an ad in the newspaper to rent room out to help cover the rent for a house he was renting only to find a renter that he hadn't expected. [Affair]

Young Enough To Know Better by Anonymous

A depraved man rapes a drugged teenage girl and lets two teenage boys watch and then join in.

Warehouse 8 by Anonymous

A couple attends a rather unusual party. [Couples] [Swingers]

A Day on the Island by Anonymous

Joyce likes her men macho. She also likes rough sex. And so when she found herself pinned down by her Great Dane and felt something hot and wet pressing against her anus, she didn't try all that hard to extricate herself.

Saleswoman by Anonymous

A door-to-door saleswoman makes a house call.

Cheryl's Horny Halloween Party by Anonymous

An attractive mother allows her underage son to have a party that includes drinking. She also does a little "underage drinking" herself.

The Weekend Captive by Anonymous

Mortified, filled with the shame of having committed a sexually obscene act, she wished she were dead. Perhaps she would never be able to face any boy again, let alone sit with one in a car or on the beach.

Using My Wife As A Slut by Anonymous

A husband uses his wife as a slut for his buddies and his sexual pleasure.

One Room Schoolhouse by Anonymous

A male teacher in a backwoods one room school house has to deal with the unruly city kid who had just started attending class. She was a black girl with a smart mouth, and the teacher wasn't quite sure how to deal with her, until finally she pushed him too far.

The TR Ranch by Anonymous

Summer was just beginning and I still didn't have a job between my junior and senior year at CU. I didn't know how I was going to spend my summer or how I was going to pay for next year's tuition.

Weight Watcher's Delight by Anonymous

This all happened about two years ago after I had lost a great deal of weight. I am 5 ft. 5 inches tall and used to weight 149lb. I now weight in at an elegant 105lb and feel great. My husband Tom says I look great and loves my new look, and so he should because I look hot.

Sloppy Seconds by Anonymous

I kept badgering my wife about fucking other men. When we fucked I kept telling her how much I wanted to suck another guy's cum out of her. Just saying it could often push me over the edge. Still, you can imagine my amazement when I came home one day and she told me in vivid detail about having it off with the neighbors!

Kathy's First Orgasm by Anonymous

Daughter can't get satisfaction, so turns to her father for help.

Snow Cave by Anonymous

A woman is abandoned by her husband who is more worried about saving himself than helping his wife get to safety. She ends up having to put out for strangers to keep alive - in the middle of a snow storm.

Goblin King by Anonymous

A fantasy about a Elvin Princess - and her rape and torchur by beastal goblins.

Penny's Wish by Anonymous

All the boys wanted to get into Penny's pants. That was the problem. For while she had the smile of a slut and the body to match, she was quite shy and timid when it came to sex. Sure, she wanted to learn and to try, well, everything, but, she was too scared. That was the best thing about John, he didn't pressure her. At least he hadn't in the past. Lately he was getting more demanding.

Locked Out by Anonymous

A young woman is dating a powerful older man who invites her on a trip out of town. She's not too happy when they show up at the expensive hotel and the staff treat her like she'd his whore for the weekend.

Adult Bookstore Gloryhole by Anonymous

Let me tell you about my first experiences with glory holes. I was 18 years old and living on the east coast. I had always been fascinated with sex and had acquired a large collection of magazines over which I'd jerk off daily. I had seen an adult bookstore out on the highway near my home, but I had never gone inside, until one day...

St. Tropez (1993) by Anonymous

Amber strolled down the beach, marveling at the sheer beauty of the strip of white sand know around the world as St. Tropez. Made famous in the sixties by Brigitte Bardot, it was now the playground for the idle rich of Europe. When she was far enough away from the main beach area, she slipped behind some rocks and removed her shorts and halter-top, and then lay down on her blanket for some serious sunning...

Sports Illustrated by Anonymous

A woman gets a special chance to be included in the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated because of her relationship with one of the swimsuit manufacturers. But she still has to convince the photographer that she up to the job.

Sobering Up Mom by Anonymous

Today's newspapers are filled with stories of family's being ripped apart by alcohol and drugs. This true story deals with alcohol and how it changed my family. My mom went through a period of serious alcohol abuse; abuse to the point of neglecting her only child, me...

The Babysitter's Mouth by Anonymous

Husband has a baby sitter in to take care of his young son while his wife is away on a trip. He's attending a business dinner that he departs early only to find his sweet little babysitter doing it with her boyfriend on the living room couch.

Abducted Bride by Anonymous

What a hell of a way to spend a honeymoon, he had reason to think. Ahead of him in Marseille his bride was waiting after running out on him their first night together in Paris. Utter, utter stupidity, he grimaced, the details of their last hour together flickering through his mind like the reel of an old silent movie. Perhaps he had been a little rough, but by God she had it coming to her...

Working in the Attic by Anonymous

A teenage girl comes to live with her Aunt and Uncle after a family tragedy. She becomes infatuated with her cousin Bill, and takes action one day when he least expects it.

Pregnant with Puppies by Anonymous

Fourteen-year-old Marcie couldn't believe it. School was out for summer and had been for only a week and her period was late. What really troubled Marcie was that she was a virgin. At least technically. She didn't count doing it with her black lab. And she KNEW he couldn't get her pregnant.

A Woman's Touch - Escort Service by Anonymous

A wife decides to try something exciting. She's tired of her boring husband and applies to several escort services. Then one night she gets a job escorting a handsome young black basketball star who's in town being wooed by the local franchise.