Stories by Caesar

Wet Sword by Caesar

The damned Saxons had taken a toll this day. Nearly all of their warriors had fallen to our swords and spears. It had been a fine day for blood letting, one that proved that the gods had not abandoned us. It would take until after this winter before they had another raiding y come out of the east, many moons until the Saxon invaders recovered from the blow we dealt them today.

Chauffeur's Dirty Job by Caesar

This chauffeur drives the boss' wife home when she gets drunk at a party.

The Boyfriend by Caesar

Louise Smithyrs daughter Samantha was her pride and joy. She was the perfect child, smart and beautiful. Then one day she brought home a boy, a very disagreeable boy who had a bad influence on Samantha. There was nothing Louise could do but watch and worry. Then one day it all became too much for Louise, and she had to take action to save her precious daughter.