Stories by Lord Malinov

Visitation by Lord Malinov

I'd been living with Todd about two weeks. He was okay as roommates go, but one day when Cindy his girlfriend stopped by while he was away, I began to really appreciate having a roomie.

Visual Feast by Lord Malinov

A hip young couple attends a party and find out that everyone there is watching pornography films on a TV set. Only it turns out that the films are being shot live from the next room. Then they are invited to play...

Sight by Lord Malinov

A man's birthday starts out to be pretty dismal. All of his friends are gone to other places and his girlfriend has to work all day at the mall. But all is not lost. He receives a call from his girlfriend to come to the mall the next day at opening. He gets the "birthday present" of his life, which turns out to be a voyeur's dream.

The Professor by Lord Malinov

A middle-aged college professor has developed a "thing" for pretty young Karen Anderson - a student in his English Lit class. Malinov weaves several stories into one, and covers a lot of bases sexually speaking.