Stories by BigStudlyDude

Mom's Boyfriend by BigStudlyDude

This 'first time' story was told to me by a friend. She helped me write it. Her mother has an older boyfriend but he seems much more interested in the virginal hot bodied Jessica. Jessica likes the attention he gives her but will it go to far?

It's My Party by BigStudlyDude

Mom leaves town and I plan a big party. Then I get some uninvited guests and things turn ugly.

My Piece of Candy by BigStudlyDude

I live in a boring farming community, but the action heats up when the hot blonde downstairs gets some uninvited company and I come to investigate.

Making the Grade by BigStudlyDude

A male math teacher has an unruly punk-rocker female student. He turns the tables when she has to pass his course.

Change In Plans by BigStudlyDude

I was supposed to be on a hot date until the principal makes me chaperone a school dance. I was prepared for a boring night until I went into the men's room to prevent trouble.

Anna and I by BigStudlyDude

I have been dating Andrea for 9 months but her mother is deeply religious and thinks premarital sex is wrong. Andrea's mother and I come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Ride with Johnny by BigStudlyDude

Johnny is a fine specimen who plans to attend a party with some friends. When the party is ended early Johnny looks elsewhere for sexual satisfaction.