Stories by Lanka Cream

Awake and Hoping by Lanka Cream

Father and daughter have been in the habit of spooning together on the lounge for several months now while watching television. Gradually over recent weeks he has become more daring, letting her feel his rampant erection pressing into her gorgeous firm young behind. Eventually, one night, events and lust take them to a forbidden place with Mommy asleep in the next bedroom.

Mother-In-Law, Lustful Lover by Lanka Cream

James, age 25, meets Lauren, age 43, the mother of his new girlfriend. Lauren and James hit it off from the start. And what starts out as a warm friendship develops into a very torrid love affair. Ending in marriage and children, despite the 18 year age difference.

Cherry Plucker by Lanka Cream

Darius is a boy with a great reputation as THE boy to lose your virginity to! Follow the adventures of young Courtney as she does just that!

She Looks After Daddy Now by Lanka Cream

Father has to look after his 9 year old daughter on his own after his wife runs off with an 18 year old neighbour. Three years later and he still hasn't taken a partner. Meanwhile his gorgeous daughter has precociously developed into a luscious little woman, yet she is only 12. Carnal urges overtake both of them and thrust them into the carnal delights of consensual incest. [Lactation]

A Furtive Intrusion by Lanka Cream

The young boy, seemingly too young to be sexually active, steals into his mother's room late at night. After he thinks he has sedated her with a sleeping pills, he ties her to the bed while he mistakenly thinks she's sleeping. Mom is surprised and shocked, both by her boy's actions and by her instant arousal. Things quickly become confused and get out of hand.

Pretending by Lanka Cream

Precocious youngest daughter started off with some not so innocent fun with her father when mom and older siblings were away that leads to both more than she anticipated, but also what she (and daddy) subconsciously wanted.

Morning of the Wedding by Lanka Cream

Uncle has been lusting after his niece since she was very young. He finally gets the courage to make a move.

Little Rich Girl by Lanka Cream

Julia is a voluptuous young girl who reached puberty early. She becomes infatuated with the thought of masturbating a man's cock but she is afraid. However, life springs a surprise and she finds herself indulging in a lustful incestuous encounter exceeding her wildest imagination.

Young Flesh Tempts Ms. Blake by Lanka Cream

A voluptuous single middle-aged childless teacher has to do a six-month stint of relief teaching in a remote village. She is rewarded for her duty in a way she had never imagined.

Forbidden Carnal Hunger Satisfied by Lanka Cream

A teenage daughter seduces her single parent father so he'll buy her things. Then she brings a friend into their bed who also would like to be given gifts.

Daddy Helps Out by Lanka Cream

A father is called upon to offer assistance and some male protection on his daughter's annual class camping trip. He is tempted into forbidden lust when surrounded by so many young girls in an isolated area of forest and bush land. His daughter's voluptuous 15-year-old friend offers a treat to satisfy his carnal thirst.