Stories by Kristen Marie

Naughty Angel by Kristen Marie

When Angel was 10, she knew she had a special power over men. Not boys... MEN! Now, four years later, she tells her story about this gift and the rewards it has reaped upon her. Not all Angels are nice! [MMf]

I Fucked Your Husband by Kristen Marie

You ladies all know me. I'm the 15 year old babysitter you trust to keep your kids safe while you and your hubby go out and have fun. When he takes me home late at night, you briefly fantasize about him having sex with me. But then he's back home soon and you realize that he would never cheat on you with a little girl. Hee, hee. Oh, you poor woman.

Coaching Annie by Kristen Marie

The local high school coach called and asked me to coach the girls junior-varsity softball team. He didn't have the time to coach both squads and I was unemployed, so I took the job. Coaching teenage girls isn't easy when you're a man! There are issues such as boys, time-of-the-month, and frail egos to deal with. Plus the schoolgirl crush, which I found out about from Annie.