Stories by David Shaw

Triked, Tricked, Trolloped by David Shaw

Sandra finds herself with a difficult problem. She's way higher than she ever expected to be and coming down for a very rough landing. But if you're in an micro light aircraft and the pilot in back wants you to hold the steering bar while he puts his hands somewhere else, what's a girl to do? [M+/F]

The Beat Meet by David Shaw

There's nothing like an old time copper... or, at least, there's nothing like the fun and games the old time coppers used to get up to. This is the way it used to be when PC stood for Police Constable instead of Political Correctness.

Four Johns Johnson by David Shaw

The one thing an airline pilot must never do is flip his lid -- especially when he's got four of them to worry about. And even if he keeps a steady hand on the stick, will the stews keep their promises? [FFM]

Trust Us, We're Salesmen by David Shaw

The temporary receptionist was leaving, and taking her marvelous pair of tits with her. But she was willing to earn a few extra dollars first for doing a strip tease in front of a video camera -- as long as it was by herself in a locked room. She was reassured that there wouldn't be any trickery involved. And wouldn't you believe any group of shy and sensitive door to door salesmen who told you that? [MMF]

Riding the Javelin by David Shaw

The best fun I had at school was when I got in with Jodi Malenger's gang. This was in England, way back, but Jodi wasn't English, he'd been born in Estonia or somewhere like that and his family had moved over when he was young. He could take the poshest, most stuck up bitch in the school, and she'd like nothing better than being dragged off somewhere by Jodi. What's more, most of them didn't seem to care much if his friends tagged along with him. But what really showed me how good Jodi was happened one afternoon when we had Linda Beresford trapped in the gym storeroom at school.