Stories by Hardy

Cuckold's Revenge by Hardy

A man takes advantage of his cousin's hospitality by seducing his voluptuous wife, taking her again and again. At her priest's insistence tearful wife finally confesses her infidelity. Angry husband vows revenge. [Kidnap]

An Erotic Journey by Hardy

A married white couple with declining sexual activity become involved with a black couple. This begins an erotic journey with amazing sexual experiences that have a rejuvenating effect on them. [Couples] [Swinger]

Accommodation Required by Hardy

Employee is being considered for promotion to an executive position. However, competition is serious. But his boss strongly hints that employee would have an edge if there was some accommodation by his beautiful wife. [Wife]

Couple's Interesting Evening by Hardy

Amazing things transpire when husband wishes to test his lovely wife's resolve, and uses their best friend in the endeavor. Husband and beautiful wife each tell their story of these interesting events. [MMF] [Wife]

Compulsive Gambler Wagers Wife by Hardy

Compulsive gambler must wager his wife to stay in a high stakes poker game. He finally convinces his beautiful wife that he has a winning hand, and she won't have to submit her body to one of the players. Angry wife finally agrees, and the hand is played out. [Wife]