Stories by Tinman

Fooling Jackie by Tinman

After trying hard for weeks, I finally got into Jackie's panties and it was great. Only one thing spoiled it: she always insisted on me wearing a condom and that was something I never did unless there was just no other way to bed a girl. Jackie even put them on for me, just to make sure I wore one. But I was determined that somehow - just once - I would slip inside her bareback, and I did! But to do it, I had to fool Jackie.

Young School Girl by Tinman

Young Becca, on a camping trip, wanders into the woods and finds sex, romance and more sex with two gorgeous young studs.

In the Confessional by Tinman

In the 7th grade, Sharon and I used to play with each other and sometimes more. We liked to go to confession together, she in one side and me in the other, and listen as the other confessed their sins. Once, the priest got so excited that he had to find relief, which turned both of us on enormously. You can probably guess what followed our confessions.

Franny and Me by Tinman

18-year old high-school beauty, Franny and some of her friends kept coming around the shop where my buddies and I worked on our Harleys. I lusted after her but thought she was too young. A few years later though we met again and shared a great dinner and then we shared lots more.