Stories by sotborder

Marta's Unfortunate Dilemma by sotborder

Marta Fernandez, a 22-year-old Colombian student, finds that things in the States aren't quite what she thought they were. She also finds out that she has urges that are uncontrollable when men pay special attention to her.

Nena and the Gringos by sotborder

This story deals with a submissive Mexican girl who is manipulated, blackmailed and intimidated into having sex. Ultimately, she discovers that she enjoys being put into con-consensual sexual situations and being humiliated, although she tries hard to be the moral, God fearing Catholic she was brought up to be. Extreme sexual deviation.

The Passive Side of Lupe by sotborder

A beautiful teenage Latina has a difficult time saying no. She wants to maintain personal control, but is thwarted by her repressed needs and desires.