Stories by Sakka

Angela Eternal by Sakka

A young college student impregnates another "young" student who turns out to be his grandmother -- and also an elf.

Bountyville by Sakka

Ardent feminist scholar Bella Ramble travels west to wreak havoc on famous polygamist Uriah Bounty. However, Bella finds the wives of Uriah surprisingly happy with their lives, and finds her cold demeanor slowly slipping away under their influence...(inspired by "The Patriarch" by Nick, and Homer Vargas), (inspired by material from "The Patriarch" by Nick, and Homer Vargas)

A Girl and her Robot by Sakka

Space pilot Galina Barding learns that her naive but well-hung trainee is actually a humanoid robot, then gets herself accidentally impregnated while uncovering an enemy spy ring, then meets a crazy android who nearly kills herself searching for a truly huge penis.

Ad Astra Per Aspera by Sakka

After disease decimates the male population of a giant starship, the handful of surviving boys are called on to help repopulate the vessel.