Stories by Blackzilla

Mrs. Tillman's Closet by Blackzilla

His older white neighbor lady tricks a young black boy into sexual relations...

Secrets in the Dark by Blackzilla

When I was 15 years old my cock was hard all the time. No matter how much I jerked off it never seemed to get tired. I guess it was pretty normal for a kid my age, but I was obsessed with pussy. I thought about it all day. But it wasn't girls of my age that I lusted after; I wanted older women. And not just older women either; the ones that got my dick really stiff were older white women. I spent night after night thinking about my schoolteachers.

Farewell Ancient Lady by Blackzilla

A young black man stumbles upon his aunt and his father enjoying oral sex. Instead of being outraged about his father's infidelity toward his mother, he's aroused and soon makes a plan to get some special lovin' from his aunt too.