Stories by MercySlayer

Angie's Only Mistake by MercySlayer

Angie and Jason worked together for the past two years. There were always idle flirtations with each other, but nothing compared to what was just about to happen.

Alone at Home by MercySlayer

A husband brings his drinking buddy home one evening to help spice up his sex life, only his wife wasn't consulted about it and isn't all that happy about the whole thing.

Eva's Long Run by MercySlayer

Eva was a mother of two, happily married, and still in great shape. Then one day she went jogging in the park and everything changed.

A Ride on the Metro by MercySlayer

A man on the metro silently dominates a woman commuting in town. She is accosted by this man in such a way that she can't cry out, she must submit to his attentions or be humiliated publicly.

Deceived Sisters by MercySlayer

Janette and her three sisters were looking forward to their trip to Atlantic City for many months. They saved every dime to make sure that there was enough money for a "girl's night out" while there. Janette suggested that the sisters all try to look as sexy as possible.

Bus Stop by MercySlayer

A snooty female executive's car won't start and she ends up having to take a city bus. Then she becomes a victim, in more than one way.

Abducting Lanita by MercySlayer

Lanita pulled at her uniform from the heat. She had been on the police force for five years and was proud of the fact that she could still wear her rookie uniform. She liked her job, she liked the power her uniform gave her over others.

Milking Cheryl by MercySlayer

A young and very pregnant woman is in the wrong place at the wrong time when she'd accosted in a parking garage by a gang of ruffians and made to be play the part of a whore for their enjoyment.