Stories by Raiderboy

Allison and Kyle by Raiderboy

Allison, a 13-year old girl and Kyle, a 14-year old boy, meet through the internet and lose their virginity to each other on a memorable Saturday morning in Allison's bed.

Ben by Raiderboy

This is the story of Ben, a very special 14 year old boy. Ben is involved in a wild and steamy sexual relationship with an older woman and brings his best friend along for the ride.

Beth and Marc by Raiderboy

Two young innocent adolescents make the most of an afternoon in Grandma's attic.

Two Boys and the Swim Coach by Raiderboy

Sixteen-year-old Rob came home after school and walked in on his thirteen year old brother having sex with his swim coach, a well built college co-ed. It was obvious the young boy was sexually experienced, and Rob wanted some of his own. As it turned out, the swim coach Candice was more than willing to cooperate.

Miami by Raiderboy

Candi was a flight attendant recovering from a broken relationship. Bart was male teenage model in search of losing his virginity to a girl, not one of the gay models that dominated his profession. They came together poolside at a hotel in Miami Beach, where both were able to fulfill their desires.

Best Friends by Raiderboy

Chris is obsessed thinking about his best friend Kevin spending the weekend in bed with his girlfriend. Then Kevin calls Chris and invites him to meet his girlfriend's cousin, who needs a boy to satisfy her that night. Chris is more than willing and ready!

Ely by Raiderboy

Truck driver Josh Olsen gives his brother Tim the best sixteenth birthday present ever, an hour with his favorite prostitute at a legal brothel in Ely, Nevada. It's a memorable night for the boy and the woman alike.

Pool Boy by Raiderboy

Sixteen-year-old Jeff's first day on the job as a pool cleaner is a memorable one as he finds his first customer sunbathing in the nude beside her pool. Jeff does what any normal teenage boy would like to do under those circumstances, and the result is satisfying for both of them.

Midnight Visitor by Raiderboy

Matt and Carol had to wait until she got her first car before they had the opportunity to lose their virginity.

Sun, Sand and Sex by Raiderboy

Cathy started her summer vacation at the beach with the intent to lose her virginity before the summer's end. She gazed though her window on her first morning there and spotted a well built teenage boy coming out of the water to lie on the sand. The boy, Randy, didn't know it yet, but this was going to be his lucky day!