Stories by CDE

Tim and Tina by CDE

Tim laments why he loves his fiancee so, especially in light of the abject humiliation she subjects him to.

Is It You Or Her? by CDE

A husband has to contend with the antics, attitudes, and adultery of his wife, who supposedly has a split personality.

R.D.T. by CDE

A husband-to-be is a bit dismayed at the wedding gift his future Mother-in-law gives him and his new bride-to-be.

F.O.O.L.S. by CDE

A husband finds out that being "Foolish" can be good for his marriage.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell by CDE

A husband credits the success of his marriage to not asking questions, the answers to which he may not want to know.

Rape and Marriage by CDE

A newlywed couple get an unexpected wedding gift from the bride's parents that's exhilarating for the bride, but far from that for the new husband.

My Brother Made Me a Cuckold by CDE

A husband's problems start when he and his wife want children. It's found that his sperm count is very low, and his family scheme behind his back to get his wife pregnant by another member of the family. The reason is so that the child's genes will be from the same gene pool as the rest of the family.

Cuckold Traveler by CDE

A newlywed husband returns to his hometown due to a job relocation. He travels extensively because of his work. While he's traveling, he's grateful that four of his old and closest high school buddies volunteer to look after his new house and new wife. However, the newlywed husband is a bit dismayed at how accident-prone his buddies are as they do him this favor.

A Happy Marriage by CDE

A newlywed husband discovers a quirk about his new wife that may contribute to their marital happiness.

A Bride's Confession by CDE

A new groom finds out more about his new bride than he wants to know.